• Unplanned change can cause financial struggle, disruption to supply chains or even some reputational damage. In 2020 alone we’ve endured floods, fires, Brexit and a global pandemic. The need to have a robust and resilient business is more important now than ever.

    Having strong business continuity controls in place promotes a way of mitigating threats, applying a framework that allows key functions of the business to continue, even if the going gets tough!


    Does your organisation have a business continuity plan?

    Some of the key ways to ensure your business remains resilient include:


    • Produce and maintain a written business continuity policy
    • Undertake a Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
    • Develop a Business Continuity Plan and then test it
    • Ensure employees are fully trained and aware of their business continuity responsibilities
    • Assess risk to employees, suppliers, customers and others who could be affected by activities; both online and in person
    • Risk assessment focusing on the organisation’s critical activities
    • Create strategies and continuity plans to ensure the continuity and recovery of your critical activities

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    “The only constant in Life is Change

    – Heraclitus

    • From our extensive experience, we know that having a fully implemented business continuity management system which complies with the requirements of ISO 22301 will enable your organisation to:

      • Bring together international best practice to help organisations respond to, and recover from, disruptions effectively.
      • Reduce the impact on the business and its stakeholders in the unlikely event of things going wrong
      • Reassure clients, suppliers and regulators that the organisation has robust systems and processes in place for business continuity and disaster recovery
      • Improve business performance and organisational resilience
      • Have a better understanding of critical issues and areas of vulnerability
      • Give a clear and detailed view of how the organisation operates, in relation to strategic planning, risk, supply chain, business transformation and resource management

    Our range of Business Continuity Services

    • Business Continuity health check
    • ISO 22301 GAP Analysis
    • ISO 22301 Implementation
    • ISO 22301 Internal Audits
    • Business Impact Assessments (BIA)
    • Create strategies to ensure the continuity and recovery of critical activities
    • Exercising & Testing
    • UKAS Certification Body engagement
    • Audits & Inspections
    • Support with annual surveillance audits
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Ongoing business continuity training
    • Exercising & testing

    Charmwood Risk Management offers a flexible range of services to suit your business needs, from initial ‘gap analysis’ through to ‘project implementation’ and ‘outsourced compliance solutions.’

    We offer an initial free of charge meeting and review of your business requirements, followed by a fully costed proposal as to how we can add value to your organisation.